Internet Safety

internet Safety


Webwise is a great resource for parents to learn about how to keep their children safe online. Follow this link to read their top 10 internet safety tips for parents:

Below is a selection of documents on internet safety provided to us by the PDST (Professional Development Service for Teachers). We hope you find them useful:

Being a Good Digital Citizen

Cyberbullying tips

Golden Rules Cyberbullying

GOLDEN RULES Online Safety

Helping your child deal with cyberbullying (Zeeko)

Online Grooming

Playing Games Online

Tips On Staying Cyber Safe ABC

Primary sch chn using social media

Tips to teach children How to stay safe online

Webwise Fornite Battle Royale What are the Risks

Some new links:

Internet safety parents



As part of Internet Safety Day February 2024,we welcomed Garda Mick Dee in to speak with pupils from 2nd-6th class about the dangers online. He was excellent and the children really responded to him. He spoke separately to 5th and 6th class pupils also.
We invited him along with the chairperson of our PA, Laura Molloy, to launch our smartphone contract, something we have been working with Laura on for a while, With the findings of the survey that parents supplied months back, we composed a document that we hope will help parents who want to keep smart phones for post primary school.
We will not police who has and who hasn’t a phone thought they are not permitted in school. We are promoting the contract in partnership with parents and hope that a community of good practice will help to delay the start of smart phone usage until post primary school.
We invite you to chat about this at home and we would be happy to file all signed contracts so that children appreciate the commitment that they have undertaken.
Thank you to Laura for her design