Aistear fun!

Aistear is the early childhood curriculum framework for all children from birth to 6 years in Ireland. The framework uses four interconnected themes to describe children’s learning and development: Well-being; Identity and Belonging; Communicating; and Exploring and Thinking.

What is aistear based on?Aistear is based on the premise that children learn in various environments: the home, pre-school, primary school and within the community (French, 2007; NCCA, 2009a. (2009a). Aistear: The Early Childhood Curriculum Framework, principle and themes.

What is aistear play?Aistear’s principle on play and hands-on experiences says, Much of children’s early learning and development takes place through play and hands-on experiences. … These interactions with, for example, other children, adults, materials, events and ideas are key to the child’s well-being, development and learning.

Below are some samples of how Aistear looks in the classroom – you will note many, many smiles


How much fun is this Aistear theme? Toasting marshmallows and contemplating life over the campfire! Great fun with the bug hunt also!


Lucky senior infants and 1st class had great fun learning with Carmel this week as they sewed peas and cornflower seeds! They love the feel of soil in their hands and are looking forward to seeing them grow!

Aistear in December is so much fun with role play at Santa’s workshop, Lego construction, cutting and play dough for fine motor skills and Jaggo blocks for gross motor skills!