Student Council

New Student Council

We are delighted to have established a new, democratically elected Student Council! Ms. Whittle is looking after the council and supporting them to be the voice for students in our school. The representatives were elected following a campaign in school. The members are: Usha, Jennifer, Sophia, Kiet, Finn and Robyn. We know that they will do a super job!

They each receive a badge that is worn with pride in school and identifies them as members of the Student Council.

A message from Ms. Russell about our Student Council:

I am thrilled to have such an active student council in our school. I am delighted to see that it is so representative of our students’ voices. The manner in which meetings are conducted is so professional and I record the minutes and letters with those of staff meetings.

Using the Looking at our Schools Framework, we value the challenge of motivating our students to become engaged in leadership themselves.

I am grateful to Ms. Whittle for her enthusiasm in supporting our Student Council.


Our Student Council Noticeboard

A message from our Student Council:

We would like to thank everyone who brought in a shoebox this year. In total we got 85 boxes! We would like to thank everyone for supporting Team Hope and helping children in Eastern Europe and Africa. The children who receive your shoebox will be delighted with it! It is very important to look after the children who are less fortunate than we are, especially at Christmas time because they deserve a nice Christmas too. We are delighted to have sent all the shoeboxes over and we hope to do it all again next year!

Jennifer Allen and Sophia White