Numeracy, Science and STEAM

October 2021

Kinaesthetic learning in Maths

Kinaesthetic learning happens when we have a hands-on experience and often involves movement. Here 2nd class is enjoying number line sequence questioning by being the number line themselves and moving throughout the lesson. The children were really engaged and active!

A visit from Dale Treadwell Heritage in Schools Expert!

Thank you to Fiadh Russell who was the winner of a Heritage Ireland Expert visit for her drawing of a robin in lockdown. Dale Treadwell (who has worked on RTE) came to school today and treated all the children to a mini beast workshop. Dale loved our grounds and all the diversity here! We hope the children enjoyed this workshop and encourage them to tell you all about it at home! 

Coding challenge!

5th and 6th class have embarked on a coding programme with Microsoft which they will undertake for the next 6 weeks. The education edition of Minecraft is being run in conjunction with Microsoft and RTE School hub. They are really enjoying it

September 2021

We were so impressed by Michael’s natural flair for engineering and invention! Ms. Russell met him in the yard after school yesterday with his self designed and constructed car that really moved! He modified the wheels and we really admire this clever innovation! Keep it up Michael!

May 2021

Students fully engaged and enjoying a capacity demonstration in their outdoor Maths class with Ms. Carroll!

April 2021

Click on the link to see a sample of us linking the theme of area in Maths with measuring our planned meadow and bogland areas in our outdoor space! We believe that the experiential nature of this type of teaching embeds the learning. Active learning is really great!


Enjoying Monday Maths in our outdoor classroom with Ms. Morris!

Engineers’ Week March 2021

Suggested STEAM reading for Engineers’ Week and beyond:

We have enjoyed many challenges for Engineers’ Week 2021 including marble runs, dropping eggs,  designing bridges and constructing bridges! Have a look at our pictures 0- we had so much fun and learned a lot!


Click the link to see Fiadh and Ronan’s before and after

animated_output_1615195540 (1)






Click the links below to see how Kitt got on!

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Our super team of SNAs have set a baking challenge for our students! The first baking challenge is pancakes for the day that’s in it! Feel free to add your own twist and email photos to me ! There will be a prize for the person crowned Castletown Bake-off champion!



We had some super submissions for our STEAM design a maze challenge  ranging from Lego to coding – we were so impressed!

Well done to all our pupils on a fantastic first week back at school. Working remotely hasn’t dampened your enthusiasm! It was great to see so many of you on our Zoom assembly today!

Thank you to our teachers and staff for all the innovative and creative ideas that they have been coming up with!

This week we set a STEAM stick challenge. Students were challenged to make a stick man at junior level and an insulated hut at senior level. We had some super entries- here is a selection!


Today, 14/12/2020, 6th class really enjoyed the Microsoft Dream Space workshop for coding. What a nice way to wind down as the holidays approach!

Aistear – The Hospital – a visit from Dr. Kennedy! 

As part of our Aistear theme of The Hospital, jnr infants- 1st class had a lovely visit from Dr. Tom Kennedy today!  It was exciting to test the equipment in our pods and investigate how they work. We learned about stethoscopes, how to take temperatures and heart rates. There were many interesting questions answered, I think we may have some budding medics in our midst!

Thank you Dr. Kennedy for your time!

Science Week 9th November 2020

We have enjoyed a Covid Friendly Science week! Thank you to SFI for the really interesting webinars we enjoyed each day. We investigated electricity, optical illusions, forensics and dinosaurs!

Pictured: Ms. Byrne’s students investigated the Water Cycle and studied penguins!


Snr infants/1st class: The water cycle in a bag. We hope to see the sun evaporate some of the water. Then the hot air rises to meet cold air. This should form condensation on the inside of the bag. 🤞Stay tuned! Well done to Ms. Byrne’s class!



Ms. DArcy’s/Ms. McDevitt’s 2nd/3rd class experiments! Well done to Bord Gorm who invented a game about animals and their young. Bord Oráiste undertook an experiment about rain and made a rain gauge!


Click on the link for timed helicopters!


A narration of the human life cycle. Great drama!

We love this amazing Play Dough life cycle of a butterfly!

Check out this amazingly strong paper structure in Ms. Gilmartin Ryan’s class! Well done Nathaniel and Hugo! 

Mr. Breen’s class’ lava lamps! 

Click the link for an active lava lamp!


Ms. ní Shuilleabháin’s 6th class: ”Picnic in Space”
We really enjoyed Science Week and had great fun investigating the role that the 5 senses play when tasting food! There were some very interesting findings… who knew that hot- chocolate could taste like mouthwash without the sense of smell?! We also investigated how factors such as environment and temperature effects how you enjoy food.


Our students were so interested in this week’s webinars that I have posted them below for them to enjoy again at home:

Dinos Down Under:

That’s non- sense!

The Forensics show!

Maths Week – 10th October 2020

Wow – those maths eyes were working hard over the weekend! Well done everyone! We will have a tough job choosing a winner on  Friday! ~MathsWeek2020


Our Maths Wall


Ms. Carroll’s Maths Wall is looking great! Each child provided a picture of themselves and each one went under a hair colour bar. The results are recorded in bar chart and percentage form. Well done everyone – it looks great!


What a fun way to mark #EngineersWeek!  Students got to experiment with stethoscopes and they took their own blood pressure. They tested reflexes and explored the brain! How interesting! 

Thank you to our wonderful PA for sponsoring Little Medical School – the students loved it!


The Bee Bots have landed! Younger classes had a fantastic time engaging in elementary coding and programming. STEM is fun!

Podiatry and Dentistry @Scoil Ghormáin Naofa! 

We had a wonderfully informative morning with Anna and Kathleen (aka Cian and Niall’s Mums!). We learned about podiatry and dentistry – how interesting!! We are grateful to the ladies for sharing their time and expertise!! As you can see it was a really interactive experience!

Maths Week 2019!

We had an active, digital Maths trail in sunny Castletown today! A great way to celebrate Maths Week! Students unlocked QR codes on the ipads to uncover problems to be solved! Thanks Ms. Carroll!

Lego Bricks 4 Kidz @ Gorey Library 

First and second class had a wonderful morning at  Gorey Library. We arrived a little early so they joined in with the nursery rhyme session and really enjoyed it! They were so kind and gentle with the toddlers in the group. I was very proud to hear the lovely feedback from staff and parents there.

As it was Maths Week, the children undertook a fun Maths Word Search challenge before engaging in the Lego Bricks 4 Kidz workshop.  Each child assembled an airplane and added a working motor! Great STEM in action!

Many thanks to Wexford Bricks 4 Kidz and Gorey Library for this great day!

Renewable energy and climate change

We are the proud recipients of the SFI Discover Science/Maths Award! We were awarded a plaque – the highest grade. Huge thanks to all involved and especially to Ms. Whittle who coordinated! It is wonderful to receive the recognition for the hard work of students and teachers!

6th class had a great Q&A session this morning with engineer Stephen Duke discussing renewable forms of energy and their effect on climate change. Stephen was very impressed with the level of questioning! Thank you Stephen

3rd – 6th class tour to Explorium

A fantastic time was had at Explorium today (24th June) by 3rd-6th class! Explorium is Ireland’s National Sport and Science Centre and there was a vast array of interactive experiences for the students.

We hope everyone had a brilliant time!

Our Discover Primary Science Endeavours! 

Please click on the links to see what we have been up to this year!

Step 1- Science (1) Step 1- Science Step 3-Engineering (1) Step 4-Maths (1) Step 5-STEM Showcase

The Very Hungry Caterpillar no more!

There was great excitement in our junior classes as the first brave butterfly hatched from its cocoon! Welcome to Scoil Ghormáin Naofa!! The children have really enjoyed monitoring the life cycle of the caterpillar/butterfly. We hope to see more butterflies emerge over the next few days!


We had a very exciting morning with a visit from Diarmaid Ó’Suilleabháin, brother of Ms. ní Shuilleabháin. Diarmaid is an engineer and we are very grateful to him for taking time out of his busy schedule to educate our students about what engineering entails.

There was a question and answer session which Diarmaid answered in great detail.

Sample questions: 

  • Why did you become an engineer?
  • What is the best thing about your job?
  • In a typical day, what do you do?
  • What is the best project you have every worked on?
  • What was your favourite subject in school/ what subject was most helpful for engineering?


  • The classes have been doing project work about homes and houses. Different types of homes have been discussed in detail and the children have learned about the materials used when building a house. They discussed Environmentally Friendly Buildings and sustainable energy used in modern buildings.
  • Key Discussion Words: Solar panels, double and triple glazed windows, insulation, wind energy, geothermal energy
  • The classes then designed their own dream home in groups, using all the information about building materials, sustainable energy, engineering and architecture that they learned.

Today was a very exciting part of our Science and STEM initiative in school. Thank you Diarmaid!

Renewable and non-renewable sources of energy

Yesterday, Miss Whittle came into our classroom and told us we were going to do a project on renewable energy. We were split into groups of three but our group and another group had four. The first time Ms. Whittle came to our room we researched renewable energy and our closest source, Croghan Mountain, from 2 o’clock to home time. The next day, the wifi was down in our room, so we went to the junior and senior infants room and sat at their desks. Then we planned what slides and research would go onto our powerpoint. Today, we are learning how to make our powerpoint presentation. 

Report by Mikey Kinsella

Hour of Code

We are excited about our upcoming visit from Mary Allen, Mum to Jennifer, John and Lily Mae, who will come to teach us about Coding! Mary works in Microsoft and will teach coding through the medium of Minecraft. We warmly welcome parental involvement here in Scoil Ghormáin Naofa.

A Visit from Lismore Mobile Science Workshop!

Yesterday, 26-11-2018, we welcomed the Lismore Mobile Science Workshop to school. They visited each class for an hour where there was plenty of hands on activity and guided learning. Some classes engaged in experiments, some learned about the science aspect of Antarctica and 6th class undertook a CSI challenge which looked really interesting!

We are very grateful to our PA who sponsored this activity.

Staff Continuous Professional Development

We welcomed Grace Garde to school yesterday, 26-11-2018, to facilitate a workshop for teachers in the Discovery Primary Science framework. We focused on Materials and Change and adopted a framework of inquiry. This will help us to foster critical thinking and questioning in our students. We look forward to meeting Grace again in February when we will look at Forces.

Science Fair

Ms. Whittle coordinated a super science fair once again this year. Representatives from each class demonstrated experiments that the whole class had investigated and ably recounted the rationale behind each. Parents were welcomed to visit the fair. Click the link to view an experiment from Ms. ní Shuilleabháin’s class. They had to create a  contraption that would prevent an egg from cracking when it was dropped from a height. Here we see one that has had a balloon attached to slow down the fall. The egg was cushioned in a cosy box which was lined with lots of different material. Well done!

IMG_1138 (1)


Discover Primary Science

We are delighted to announce that we are embarking on the Discover Primary Science award this coming year. As such, teachers will be engaging in continuous professional development to support this initiative. We have purchased new STEM boxes with resources for lessons and we have field trips planned for classes over the year. As part of Maths week, 1st and 2nd class visited Gorey Library where they engaged in a Lego engineering workshop. Junior and Senior infants will go on a field trip to Wexford Wildfowl Reserve on December 6th. We will post photos of this tour later.