Literacy and Numeracy

Maths Wall

We are developing a Maths space in our corridor. It is envisaged that this space will be used to develop Mathematical thinking outside the Maths lesson. We hope that it will be an appealing wall of interest for those passing by. It is aimed that the wall will be used to promote whole school thinking around a given topic at any given time of the year. Here is an account from Ms. Carroll who coordinates the wall and makes it so attractive for our young learners. Thank you Ms. Carroll!

‘This year, there will be special maths wall in the school. Each fortnight brings a new topic and display for whole school use. Students can use the maths wall to support learning and there are some competitions and prizes also. The most recent topic is in relation to Maths Week! As part of Maths Week, students from 1st – 6th took part in iPad maths trails around the school where they scanned the codes and answered the questions. There was great team work shown by all class groups.

Well done all!’





More Maths Week activities: Here are some photos of 1st and 2nd enjoying STEM LEGO activity in Gorey Library to ark Maths Week. Also pictured are students on teh hunt around school! They undertook digital Maths trails as part of Maths Week.