Digital Learning Framework

Green Screen fun!

Ms. Penston’s class are trying out a new green screen project!

‘Our next green screen project will be ‘step into a painting’. We reflected on our last green screen project and have a microphone and tripod to assist with the next endeavour. We will imagine ourselves jumping into a painting’ and discussing what we see. Today we drafted our pieces with a 100 word limit! Very exciting to see our finished projects! ‘

We can’t wait to see!

January 2024

Trying out our new green screen! There was great fun in Ms Penston’s class trying out the green screen for the first time. Children read about An Aimsir and will add the background shortly. Stay tuned for results…..

October 2023

Ms. Penston’s class enjoyed using Book Creator to design their own moon landing books complete with audio. They then presented them to Ms. Russell who really enjoyed the presentation along with a Q&A session

April 2023

Lots of fun in senior infants using the Bee Bots coding app!! Learning is so much fun!

March 2023

We had the pleasure of welcoming Saoirse’s dad Victor here to teach us for an hour of code under Microsoft’s Hour of Code initiative. The pupils loved it! Thank you Victor!


Nothing like a good research project to kick start the new year!

PEER TUTORING: Thanks to Mr Breen’s class for teaching the younger students how to fill out an online survey about their views for the locality. The student voice is really important!

A visit from a parent working in an app company!

Huge thanks to Francis’ dad who came in today to teach the senior students about online safety and what it’s like working for an app company. The Occulus VR headsets were the highlight of the visit – thank you!!! It is amazing to be able to enjoy digital learning in such an experiential, fun way


* Today is Safer Internet Day and we spoke to children about the dangers of being online. I have booked a visit from Garda Ronan from Gorey to talk to older classes and this is due to happen this week. All children received a SID band which I have asked them to use as a prompt for conversation at home tonight. Some areas you might talk about are : screen time, phones in the bedroom, digital footprint etc.
* Here is a cartoon to suit younger children in the theme of Safer Internet Day
* More resources for parents are available at

Huge thanks to Garda Ronan from Gorey Garda Station who came out to talk to our pupils about the dangers if being online. Older classes learned about the responsibility that goes with being online.

January 2022

We are delighted with our new purchases of laptops to be used in station teaching. Along with our new interactive whiteboards, we bought these with our most recent ICT grant. The laptops can be used differently from our ipads as they have keyboards and so our students will be enabled to learn some elementary typing skills and basic use of Word etc. We think this is a great addition to our Digital Framework plan.

Here Ms. ní Shúilleabháin’s students are using a programme called Typing Club and they love it!

We are delighted that every class in school is now fitted with a state of the art touchscreen Interactive Whiteboard which makes learning so much fun! We purchased these with our IT grant.

Junior infants enjoying the Bua na Cainte programme

November 2021

Climate and Nature Summit 2021

Here 5th and 6th class are combining their digital learning with a lesson around sustainable goals and climate change. They did some personal research and enjoyed learning from the ultimate conservationist, David Attenborough!

Our Parents’ Association kindly sponsored a set of ipads and we are using them in many ways to enhance our learning!

Infants: Our infants love using the Jolly Phonics app to consolidate their phonics. Learning doesn’t feel like hard work!

Webinars: We regularly interact with outside agencies over Zoom and in interactive webinars. We love listening and speaking to outside experts in different fields. Using our interactive whiteboards and webcams in this way, brings so many external influences into our classrooms! Earlier this year, we enjoyed an interactive workshop with Microsoft which 6th class really enjoyed!


4th – 6th class enjoyed a very informative workshop about Animals and Extinction with Geraldine from The Natural History Museum. They looked at fossils and videos of animals that used to roam in Ireland such as  The Great Irish Elk, the Grey Wolf, the hyena. We also learned about animals extinct in other countries such as the dodo bird and the thylcine (Tasmanian Tiger/ wolf)

Junior Achiever

We are delighted to be part of the Junior Achiever programme in conjunction with local company, Elavon. Parents of children in our school log on once a week via Microsoft Teams and our webcam becomes a two-way interaction. Children learn about civics and citizenship in this great programme.

Junior Achievement Ireland (JAI) is a member of one of the world’s largest educational non-profits, helping prepare young people for their futures by delivering hands-on, experiential learning in entrepreneurship, employability, financial literacy and the value of STEM.

Reaching more than 12 million young people each year, Junior Achievement (JA) is one of few organisations with the scale, experience, and passion to build a brighter future for the next generation.

JAI was established in Ireland in 1996 and since then has built up a strong demand from schools throughout the country and created successful partnerships with 180 leading organisations.

Identifying trees 

We downloaded an excellent app, LeafSnap for plant identification for our outdoor woodlands. Children have enjoyed using the app to take photos and identify the many trees in our woodland.


We love these photos that 6th class took with their ipads! These images will be added to a catalogue that we are compiling of the species in our woodland for all classes to use.

Maths and digital literacy

Click on the link to see how 4th and 5th class have been using digital technology to record their maths lesson on area outside. They measured the area of their wetland – maith sibh!