Digital Learning Framework

Our Parents’ Association kindly sponsored a set of ipads and we are using them in many ways to enhance our learning!

Infants: Our infants love using the Jolly Phonics app to consolidate their phonics. Learning doesn’t feel like hard work!

Webinars: We regularly interact with outside agencies over Zoom and in interactive webinars. We love listening and speaking to outside experts in different fields. Using our interactive whiteboards and webcams in this way, brings so many external influences into our classrooms! Earlier this year, we enjoyed an interactive workshop with Microsoft which 6th class really enjoyed!


4th – 6th class enjoyed a very informative workshop about Animals and Extinction with Geraldine from The Natural History Museum. They looked at fossils and videos of animals that used to roam in Ireland such as  The Great Irish Elk, the Grey Wolf, the hyena. We also learned about animals extinct in other countries such as the dodo bird and the thylcine (Tasmanian Tiger/ wolf)


Junior Achiever

We are delighted to be part of the Junior Achiever programme in conjunction with local company, Elavon. Parents of children in our school log on once a week via Microsoft Teams and our webcam becomes a two-way interaction. Children learn about civics and citizenship in this great programme.

Junior Achievement Ireland (JAI) is a member of one of the world’s largest educational non-profits, helping prepare young people for their futures by delivering hands-on, experiential learning in entrepreneurship, employability, financial literacy and the value of STEM.

Reaching more than 12 million young people each year, Junior Achievement (JA) is one of few organisations with the scale, experience, and passion to build a brighter future for the next generation.

JAI was established in Ireland in 1996 and since then has built up a strong demand from schools throughout the country and created successful partnerships with 180 leading organisations.

Identifying trees 

We downloaded an excellent app, LeafSnap for plant identification for our outdoor woodlands. Children have enjoyed using the app to take photos and identify the many trees in our woodland.



We love these photos that 6th class took with their ipads! These images will be added to a catalogue that we are compiling of the species in our woodland for all classes to use.


Maths and digital literacy

Click on the link to see how 4th and 5th class have been using digital technology to record their maths lesson on area outside. They measured the area of their wetland – maith sibh!