Working from home – a word from Ms. Russell

Hello everyone,

I hope that you are enjoying the family time and getting some fresh air. I think it’s really important that we make the most of this time by spending meaningful time with family. I understand that distance learning is very much dependent on the dynamic of your family and the circumstances you find yourselves in due to Covid19. I hope that you are all well, above all.

I think, where possible, that structure is still important. Likewise, I would be passionate about recommending daily reading blocks. If possible, please limit screen time to late afternoon/evening time.

Our teachers will resume uploading work daily at 9 from Monday, 20th April. I stress that this is a menu of suggested work and is at the discretion of each household.

For other projects and curricular interests, I have compiled a padlet for your perusal. It includes curricular areas and health/wellbeing. There should be something in there for everyone.

Take care,

Emer Russell



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