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First Holy Communion

A message for our students who were due to make their First Holy Communion this weekend. 💙❤️💜 A message for our 2nd class students who should have been making their First Holy Communion this Sunday. We hope you all have a lovely weekend 💜 — Castletown N.S. (@Castletown_NS) May 22, 2020

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Suite of Parenting Supports for wellbeing during Covid19

Thank you to Mums Anna and Fiona for sharing some of these resources with us. We hope you find them useful This is a lovely little book which may help little ones with worries around Covid19 This Axel Scheffler animated book/video may help to explain Covid19 Barnardos have a phone line to support parents at this time. There is also a resource page at the following link: Author Emma Cahill was with us before Christmas to read her book, ‘Under the Mask’, for our children. It was a huge hit with the students. Emma has written a free downloadable story that is available at the following link and also deals … Continue reading

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Hello from our staff!

Over the next while, I will upload greetings from our staff. They miss our students very much and look forward to seeing you all again soon! Today’s greeting is from Ms. Byrne. Enjoy! 205B318E-74A6-4929-A9FE-8DB5B8A8FDA9  Hello from Fiona! 🏃‍♀️ 35E427DA-69C7-414F-8785-E7FBBCEA9FBC A greeting from Ms. Hearne! Hello from Angie! 324916D3-0CD9-471C-AE55-D8CC4AC853DE Hello from Sharon! C1ACBEF0-939E-4628-A1E7-E4F7BBD11CA3 Hello from Ms. Morris 💜 1E163D71-42FF-428C-B2B5-22F52953954B A greeting from Carmel 🌼 DA8987B2-00DC-4166-ACF8-CD0B01089283 Hello from Finola!❤️ B2BDED90-380E-4B13-A085-2C975FFB0958 A message from Ms. D’Arcy! 6787D9FA-B41D-4B5F-86C7-A73D505020F5

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Green School Flag Renewal!

I am thrilled to announce that we have been successful in renewing our Green Flag award! Heartiest congratulations to Ms. McDevitt, Carmel and our hard working Green School Committee on this great achievement.

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LAMH- a whole school project!

With Covid19 keeping us inside a lot, we thought that this might be a great time for or whole school to learn a new skill together! Ms. Whittle has put together some videos on LAMH. LAMH is a communications system based on Irish Sign Language.  Click the links below for short tutorials. We look forward to using it in September in our school! B9F42A0E-13AD-4D54-A107-17EC2C65F99E CFCDD643-9C3E-421A-AAE5-F28A86640394 70090909-DD47-4593-9CE8-3977C64184BA 477BE826-BF86-46B4-B155-F4302EB3FD85 9811D442-0DCB-42DF-A73E-57C21F44D03E 9952771F-6EA2-4241-B786-8B54E655C290 Click below to see some of our students signing! 850AE4BD-97CD-4FF9-A788-6E4753EA88CB 0848F739-4C8F-4713-92CC-8E68F5080A0E

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