Return to school: information for parents 25/02/2021

Important information regarding partial, and subsequently full, return to school.
We will open for junior to 3rd class inclusive, from next Monday. Other children will continue to be provided for remotely.
Access beyond the school gate is permissible only by prior appointment in exceptional circumstances.
Please avoid congregation at arrival and pick up times. Staggered arrival and dismissal continues. Strictly 8.50 for non bus, 9am for bus. 2.30 for bus and 2.40 for non bus. Parents please wear masks at these times.
Boxes of books: please clean school boxes this weekend. Only books, copies and pencil cases should come back. Worksheets should stay at home. They may be returned as follows; half the contents on Monday and the other half on Tuesday. These will be quarantined until Friday in the library.
Please ensure your child wears good waterproof coats daily as regular outdoor movement breaks will happen regardless of weather.
We look forward to welcoming the children back and are mindful of the many feelings that they may be experiencing.
As a treat to parents, we will not be assigning homework for the week!
Here is a link to some well being content for parents:

Letter for parents from Deputy Chief Medical Officer:

Letter from DCMO to schools 260221

Form for parents:

Thank you

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