Active Week!

Day 1:

Active Week kicked off with a bang on Monday morning as Mr. Breen, with the help of Fiona, coordinated a huge circuit of activities (over 20 stations!!). It was wonderful seeing the buddy system at play and the music really added to the atmosphere!

Infants had a magical time with bubbles on yard! There was a penalty shootout and Mini World cup also! In the afternoon, Fiona took Junior and Senior infants for Athletics.

Children were delighted that written homework has been replaced by Active homework for the rest of the term!

Day 2:

Our own Ms. McDevitt led the Wake up Shake up on Tuesday and treated us to Zumba on yard! Again, the weather was beautiful and so much fun was had! Cathy O’Toole came in to give a tug of war demo to 3rd/4th who then put on a display for the other students! Fiona continued athletics adn Mr. Breen constinued Mini World Cup and Penalty Shootout leagues

Day 3

We had a fun start to the day with Ms. D’Arcy’s Wake up Shake up! This time the teachers had to lead and we had such fun with the passing and rolling game!! Well done to all! We then welcomed two wonderful volunteers – Bobby O’Reilly (martial arts) and Shane Prendergast (healthy lifestyle presentation). It is great to give our students access to aspects of sport that they might not ordinarily encounter. We hope that Active Week will give them a sense of the importance of having a healthy mind in a healthy body!

Day 4

Wow, what an active day we had! Ms. Gregan started our day with yoga and meditation. Then jnr/snr enjoyed tug of war. At 12 , the basketball and football finals took place with Chicago Bulls and Barcelona winning! Mick and Jack Kavanagh arrived to help outwith the penalty shootout final. Thank you! This was followed by the Superhero Walk a Mile with a Smile. Finally the big finale to the day was the 6th class vs teachers/parents basketball matches. 6th class *narrowly* defeated the adults!!!! A great day was had by all!!

Day 5

We finished off Active Week in style! Our 2nd annual Croghan walk was a huge success and it was wonderful to see so many families there to join us. We are very grateful to the PA and Garda Willie Lynch who joined us for the walk and to James Crowe and Mark who facilitated us using the wind farm area. Thanks also to Cullens who discounted tasty fruit pots for the healthy eating aspect of the walk.

Junior -2nd class walked as far as the first windmill where they enjoyed the views whilst eating a picnic. Seniors walked the 5k route and did brilliantly!

I am extremely grateful to Ms D’Arcy who coordinated a jam-packed, amazing week of activities and to all teachers, parents, SNAs and Active Partners who took part. It will again be another experience that our students will never forget!





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