Hello from our staff!

Over the next while, I will upload greetings from our staff. They miss our students very much and look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Today’s greeting is from Ms. Byrne. Enjoy!


Hello from Fiona! 🏃‍♀️


A greeting from Ms. Hearne!

Hello from Angie!


Hello from Sharon!


Hello from Ms. Morris 💜


A greeting from Carmel 🌼


Hello from Finola!❤️


A message from Ms. D’Arcy!


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Green School Flag Renewal!

I am thrilled to announce that we have been successful in renewing our Green Flag award! Heartiest congratulations to Ms. McDevitt, Carmel and our hard working Green School Committee on this great achievement.

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LAMH- a whole school project!

With Covid19 keeping us inside a lot, we thought that this might be a great time for or whole school to learn a new skill together! Ms. Whittle has put together some videos on LAMH. LAMH is a communications system based on Irish Sign Language.  Click the links below for short tutorials. We look forward to using it in September in our school!







Click below to see some of our students signing!



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National Poetry Day

Today, 30th April, is National Poetry Day and we hope you enjoy reading some of our submissions from our poetic students!



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Active Week 2020!

15AAC47D-8CEB-43DB-85FA-EE68D847EF77 A greeting from Ms. D’Arcy!

You didn’t think something like a pandemic would get in the way of our Active Week tradition, did you?

We are having a ball this week thanks to the great effort of Ms D’Arcy and Mr. Breen. Thanks for the input from parents and grandparents too! We are really enjoying seeing your pictures.

Check  out this lovely guided relaxation video from one of our super Nannas! It’s such a great!

We believe that a healthy mind in a healthy body has never been so important.

Take care everyone




Our students are as fit as fiddles!!


We love these videos of Isobelle and Henri practicing their overarm throw! These are fundamental skills of movement. Well done!


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Drop Everything And Read!

Today we came together in a shared love of reading as we dropped everything and read at 12 noon. DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time was marked across the country and we decided to take it a step further by dressing up for the occasion! Our teachers, SNAs and pupils all got on board. It was a great feeling to be gathered in a school community (albeit a virtual one) until we can meet in person again. Well done everyone! Enjoy the photos!

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Working from home – a word from Ms. Russell

Hello everyone,

I hope that you are enjoying the family time and getting some fresh air. I think it’s really important that we make the most of this time by spending meaningful time with family. I understand that distance learning is very much dependent on the dynamic of your family and the circumstances you find yourselves in due to Covid19. I hope that you are all well, above all.

I think, where possible, that structure is still important. Likewise, I would be passionate about recommending daily reading blocks. If possible, please limit screen time to late afternoon/evening time.

Our teachers will resume uploading work daily at 9 from Monday, 20th April. I stress that this is a menu of suggested work and is at the discretion of each household.

For other projects and curricular interests, I have compiled a padlet for your perusal. It includes curricular areas and health/wellbeing. There should be something in there for everyone.


Take care,

Emer Russell



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Easter week

Hi everyone, I would like to share this message from Arklow parish pastoral worker Margaret Drew which will help with marking Easter week while we are in lockdown.  I have also uploaded Grow in Love login details

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Horrible Histories and Wild Kids : Q&A

Thank you Ms. Ryan for the daily questions














Continue reading

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Extra work challenges!!

Many thanks to Ms Ryan for compiling this list of extra activities! There is something for everyone in here!

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