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The PA Festive Friday fundraiser is back and we look forward to having lots of fun! We will have a Christmas disco on yard as part of our Active Flag endeavours!

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Chess club- first tournament!

Congratulations to our chess club on their first tournament yesterday. Here is a report from Bart and Anna: ‘Everyone had their own login on Lichess. Once everyone was in, there was a three minute timer and when that went off, everyone started to play chess. You played against the clock for seven minutes. There were about 250 players, 50 teams online. It wasn’t easy, there were very good players there. You could have as many queens as pawns because it is online. It was extremely fun. It was stressful too as there was a timer and you had to go as fast as you could! The entire tournament was about … Continue reading

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New Maths curriculum

Ms. Rolland and her mathematicians worked really hard using different materials to solve problems and predict patterns. This is very much in the spirit of the new maths curriculum and we are really enjoying embracing it. Thanks Ms. Rolland!

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Admissions 2024 We are delighted to welcome applicants for places in our school for the coming academic year. Full details are in the link below, including closing date. Please contact Siobhan on 0402 37596 for enrolment forms and any other information you require.

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New Primary Maths Curriculum

We attended both the leaders seminar and whole staff day for upskilling in the new primary maths curriculum this month. We embrace the the focus being given to time to talk, exploring different avenues to a solution and scaffolding with concrete materials. We have decided that the funds from our Christmas raffle this year will go towards the purchase of new concrete materials. Here is a link with information for parents: file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/269651_2c1fe0b3-c52b-47e6-b68a-ad1259c69ff6%20(1).pdf

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Castletown Chess Club!

Castletown Chess Club is a friendly, fun, social and dynamic after school club for the children of Castletown National School. The children learn cognitively and strategically while having friendly competitive fun with their peers! The Chess Club has grown from just 8 children to max capacity of 24 blossoming little chess players!! We are looking forward to taking part in some inter schools friendly tournaments this year! Watch this space!! Huge thanks to Sharon who is coordinating this wonderful facility with support from Ms. Murphy!

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