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Hello from our staff!

Over the next while, I will upload greetings from our staff. They miss our students very much and look forward to seeing you all again soon! Today’s greeting is from Ms. Byrne. Enjoy! 205B318E-74A6-4929-A9FE-8DB5B8A8FDA9  Hello from Fiona! 🏃‍♀️ 35E427DA-69C7-414F-8785-E7FBBCEA9FBC A greeting from Ms. Hearne! C1ACBEF0-939E-4628-A1E7-E4F7BBD11CA3 Hello from Ms. Morris 💜 1E163D71-42FF-428C-B2B5-22F52953954B A greeting from Carmel 🌼 DA8987B2-00DC-4166-ACF8-CD0B01089283 Hello from Finola!❤️ B2BDED90-380E-4B13-A085-2C975FFB0958 A message from Ms. D’Arcy! 6787D9FA-B41D-4B5F-86C7-A73D505020F5

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