Ready to welcome our students back!

I thought that posting pictures of our school’s measures to keep Covid at bay might give some reassurance to parents and students as they prepare for school opening. Below is a sample classroom, set up in pods and socially distanced yet still a lovely bright classroom to come back to.

Our classrooms all have fixed sanitiser stations containing correct alcohol regulation percentage sanitiser. We have replaced towels with paper towels and have sourced ecologically friendly paper towels as we keep up our Green School ethos! We are lucky that each classroom has its own door so there will be only class bubbles entering and exiting through each. Each classroom has a washing tub for cleaning cubes etc. They all have a cleaning kit in each room containing masks, visors, disinfectant, wipes, gloves and refuse sacks.

Our school yard has been zoned to allow our class pods to mingle within their class bubbles at staggered lunch breaks. We look forward to sharing this fabulous view with our pupils again!

Covid signage around our school. We will have a one way system in our corridor. Our water fountains are out of use. Visitors, including parents may not pass the school gate without an appointment. Discrete lessons will cover hygiene etiquette and Covid friendly practices. They will be delivered in a calm way , we are mindful that we don’t want children to be alarmed..

We will continue to review practices as the situation evolves and will keep you posted.

Emer Russell


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