We have had a very active and interactive year so far in terms of Science.

In term 1, Ms. Whittle organised a fantastic Science fair. We were delighted to welcome parents to see our budding Albert Einsteins and Marie Curies hard at work! This was part of Science week and it was a really positive learning experience for all.

Our senior classes visited Gorey Library for a visit with a Mad Scientist! Our students had so much fun at this event. It showed us that Science is all around us and can be really good fun!!

Big Bear Planetariums

Just before Christmas, we welcomed Big Bear Planetariums to our school. Each class level was treated to a visit inside the planetarium which blew their minds! They now have a better working knowledge of the vastness of outer space! Many classes studied the planets in conjunction with this event.

STEM teaching – Engineers’ Week

In preparation for Engineers’ Week, we have invited Lego Bricks4Kidz to our school to do workshops on elementary engineering with all of our students. We are so excited for this visit!!

STEM education. Science Technology Engineering Mathematics.


Update: What a fun day we have just had! Bricks4kidz came to our school and coordinated a workshop with each class where the children were tasked with constructing a car. We looked at gears and explored the notion of engineering. The team were great fun and we loved having our own individual toolkits! Perhaps we have unlocked some engineering potential today!!


Here is a video of Aaron’s successful construction!