Masks in School – 01/12/2021

Dear Parents,

We have received instruction about mask wearing from children from 3rd-6th class inclusive. I have raised concerns with the Minister of Education, Norma Foley on this. While the situation is less than desirable, I have spoken to the teachers and children today about how we can uphold this directive in the most comfortable way possible for our children.

We are fortunate in that each classroom has an exit door. The facility for children to take self-directed mask breaks has been outlined and modelled with them today. If the child feels that they would like a breather they can simply walk to the open door and stand outside where they may take off their masks and take some deep breaths. Children do not need to ask permission for this. We have told them that they may listen to the birds and take in the view while they are there. There is no limit to the amount of times a child may do this. As a class they will be taking part in increased movement breaks throughout the day also, during which they may remove their masks.

Children with medical exemptions will not have to wear masks. Children should bring a zip lock bag for hygiene of the masks during mask breaks.

Parents of bus children, I would ask that you talk to your children about wearing masks on the bus.

As a staff, we are committed to providing the happiest possible atmosphere in the circumstances with emphasis on the lighter aspects of the curriculum and engagement in Christmas/winter themed activities. Our Amber Ambassadors for Mental Health have some ideas that should bring some light relief also over the next few weeks.

As principal, I didn’t sign up to policing the mask wearing of children in our school, yet this is where I find myself. I would like to maintain the relationship that I have with children and families and hope that you will accept my guarantee to you that we will do everything in our power to make mask wearing as bearable as possible in our school.

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