Wellness Wednesday 17/02/2021

Good morning everyone,
A new week is with us. I know you are tired but mid term is coming so hang in there!
On Wednesday, as a nice way to finish up for mid term break, we will be parking the academics and enjoying WELLNESS WEDNESDAY- students, teachers and parents! We have a day full of videos, activities and mindful challenges, I am certain there will be something for everyone. Parents of older children, I would really encourage you to get your children involved as I know lockdown is especially hard for them and screen time is challenging. Stay tuned for our menu of activities!
* Tomorrow is Pancake Tuesday and as promised, our SNAs have a fun challenge for us over the next couple of weeks! The Great Castletown Bake-off commences tomorrow with Sharon leading the way with pancakes! I will post the video later so that you can get organised for tomorrow.
Have a lovely day!

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