Science Week 9th November 2020

We have enjoyed a Covid Friendly Science week! Thank you to SFI for the really interesting webinars we enjoyed each day. We investigated electricity, optical illusions, forensics and dinosaurs!

Pictured: Ms. Byrne’s students investigated the Water Cycle and studied penguins!

The water cycle in a bag. We hope to see the sun evaporate some of the water. Then the hot air rises to meet cold air. This should form condensation on the inside of the bag. 🤞Stay tuned!



Ms. DArcy’s/Ms. McDevitt’s 2nd/3rd class experiments! Well done to Bord Gorm who invented a game about animals and their young. Bord Oráiste undertook an experiment about rain and made a rain gauge!


Click on the link for timed helicopters!


A narration of the human life cycle. Great drama!

Check out this amazing Play Dough life cycle of a butterfly! So creative !

Mr. Breen’s class’ lava lamps! 

Click the link for an active lava lamp!


Check out this amazingly strong paper structure in Ms. Gilmartin Ryan’s class!! Well done Hugo and Nathaniel!

Ms. ní Shuilleabháin’s 6th class: ”Picnic in Space”
We really enjoyed Science Week and had great fun investigating the role that the 5 senses play when tasting food! There were some very interesting findings… who knew that hot- chocolate could taste like mouthwash without the sense of smell?! We also investigated how factors such as environment and temperature effects how you enjoy food.


Our students were so interested in this week’s webinars that I have posted them below for them to enjoy again at home:

Dinos Down Under:

That’s non- sense!

The Forensics show!

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