Outdoor classroom!

I am delighted to announce that we are currently purchasing items for our OUTDOOR CLASSROOM! We have seen that we are utilising our outdoor space so much more since the onset of Covid-19 and would like to continue to do so. Pictured is our gardening group who are going to collect ideas for our outdoor classroom from the student body. Also pictured, junior and senior infants ‘investigating’ outside.
We have a team of staff volunteers who are planning the classroom. We will get started with benches, tables and an outdoor blackboard. As we proceed we will share our wishlist with you as you may be (or may know someone) able to help/donate your time/donate an item. Our dream would be to have a chair similar to the one in the picture to make the area somewhat magical for the children. If you can help, we would really love to hear from you. School funds are tightly bound in cleaning costs currently so all creativity welcome!

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