Maths Week 2018!

There is a buzz about school this week with lots of activities being planned for Maths Week.
* 6th class are out in the fresh air this morning using the ipads to uncover QR codes which set Maths challenges for them! We love this integration of Maths and Digital Literacy!
* 1st and 2nd class will take a trip to Gorey library for their Mathsweek Lego event. On the way, they will complete Maths surveys about what they see
* There will be Maths trails around school this week
* There will be a lunchtime activity each day
Thank you to Ms. Carroll for all her hard work!
* I am running a Maths Eyes competition which I spoke to the classes about. Your child will use their Maths eyes to observe real life Maths in their home environment. This could be a clock that is circle shaped for a junior infant to a half eaten pizza (180 degrees,semi-circle) for middle classes and senior classes might spot more complex angles, shapes and numbers in their homes.
These entries can be emailed to me at the school address Please put Maths Eyes in the subject box. I will upload entries and give prizes to the winners on Friday. Good luck!

Here are some of our early Maths Eyes entries!

Henri: How many different shapes can you name? What patterns can you see? 

Isabelle: what fraction of the total number of blocks is each colour? How many blocks are there in total?

Robyn: What 3-d shape can you identify in my computer game? 

Fiadh: How many squares can you see? There may be more than you think!

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